In the Greetings section of the Admin portal, you will be able to manage the audio files for your Custom Greeting/s. 

In most cases, an organization will have one greeting for all custom numbers. However, if you have custom numbers in different regions, where you need a message in another language for example, then you can upload them here.

Request a professionally recorded custom greeting

  • If you would like us to record a new greeting for your already existing custom number/s, just open a ticket or send a request to customer support with your preferred greeting, any pronunciation notes and the locale/number you want it add it to.

  • If you don't yet have a custom number, please contact customer support with your request.

Add a new custom greeting

  • Ensure your audio file is recorded in the mp3 format.

  • Choose the locale of the greeting. (for example, choosing en-US means that the set of prompts that accompanies your greeting has an American US voice and wording. There are currently four choices:  en-US, en-GB, en-AU, and en-DE. You may have only one greeting per locale.

  • Drag and drop the audio file into the specified area or upload it from your files.

You may delete and upload a new greeting at any time. It will be effective immediately after saving. If you delete a greeting all together, it will be replaced by the standard default greeting.


Remember: Your custom greeting will only play on your custom number(s). Any additional dial in numbers that are part of a subscription plan will play the standard greeting.

Account administrators are able to add additional custom numbers. Contact customer support if you need assistance with this feature.