Access number

Dial-In Number


Access Code

Host ID

Moderator PIN

Calling in as conference ‘Host’

Calling in as conference ‘Moderator’

  1. Call your assigned dial-in number
    (‘Access number’ on old fcpro)

  2. Enter your ‘Moderator PIN
    (‘Host ID’ on old fcpro) 

  3. Press the pound key #

It is no longer required to enter the access code (formerly passcode) before entering the moderator PIN

Mute all participants *5

Mute all participants *7

  1. Call the dial-in number provided

  2. Enter the Moderator PIN when prompted, followed by #

  3. Press *7 to mute/unmute all participants


All accounts will now renew on the first of the month

Billing dates used to depend on when you initially signed up. On the new platform, all accounts will be billed on the first of each month. Where your billing date was not previously the first, you will have been credited with a prorated amount for June 2020 to ensure you were not overcharged.

Access all previous invoices and view your billing history since moving to the upgraded platform via the admin portal. Learn how to access your admin portal.

Account closure after 60 days of inactivity

Accounts will remain open indefinitely

We will no longer close accounts after a period of inactivity. Accounts will only be closed upon the request of the owner.

Logging in to your account

New login link

  1. New unique login link (check your email inbox or contact support if you're not  sure what that is)
  2. Same email address
  3. Same password

Old account dashboard

New updated dashboard design

Schedule a conference

Schedule a conference

  1. Click ‘Schedule

  2. Choose a date/time

  3. Add participants you want to invite

  4. Choose optional dial-in numbers

  5. Click ‘Schedule’ to notify invitees

  6. The meeting will be added automatically to the default calendar application connected to your email account and all invitees will receive an email invitation.

It is no longer required to choose the number of participants who will attend. By default, you can have up to 1000 attendees via phone.

Moderate a conference from your computer using the ‘Conference Manager’Join the ‘online meeting room’ from your computer

  1. Login to your new FreeConferencePro account

  2. Click on ‘START’

  3. If your audio is connected via phone, select ‘view only’`


Choose to connect via internet to use the microphone from your computer.

Call recording

Call recording

  1. All audio recordings will be available indefinitely - they will no longer expire after 30 days

  2. No longer available with Free Subscriptions

Participant count

Participant count

  1. Currently unavailable - feature will be added early 2020

The conference will start when:

  1. The second caller joins

  2. The host joins

Waiting room

  1. Waiting room off - conference starts when second caller joins

  2. Waiting room on - conference starts when moderator (host) joins

Entry & Exit notifications

Chimes and Name Announce

  1. No separate settings for entry/exit - only on or off

  2. Name announce only for host not possible

Recording PIN

No longer required

  1. Host only needs to call in using moderator PIN to initiate recording.