With SMS Invitations enabled, any contact with a mobile phone listed in your address book will receive an SMS text invitation and also a reminder 15 minutes before the start of your scheduled conference.

How do I enable SMS Invitations?

Go to the Settings button on top of the page. On the left-hand side you will see the Conference Invitations tab, click and you will see different invitation types that you can send on our platform. Select 'SMS Invitations' to activate this feature.

Entering the phone numbers to send SMS notifications.

The best bet to enter phone numbers is to go to your address book, click on Menu (which can be found if you click on your name and email address on the top right of the page) and then the Address Book tab, which should be the first tab from the top. 

From there you can create your contacts, and in the fields of name, email and phone number, put in the appropriate information, the phone number that is entered here will receive the SMS invitations from your scheduled calls. Please keep in mind that this has to be a mobile phone number, or a device that can receive SMS notifications.

Sending SMS notifications, it’s as easy as scheduling your call

Once you’ve been through the past 2 steps, there is no more setting up required. Just go through the scheduling process that you normally do. On the second page of the scheduler, you will see the page where you can select your participants, if you select a participant that has a phone number attached to on your address book, an SMS invite will be sent to that phone number.