*Not all subscriptions will have the recording feature - please check with your account admin.

To access past recordings (both audio & video):

  1. Open the top right menu by clicking where you see your name and email
  2. Select 'Recordings'
  3. All recordings will be listed in chronological order with the date and subject of the meeting displayed on the left.
  4. You can choose to play, copy a shareable link or download the recordings.

Clicking on the recording subject will take you to the summary of that meeting where you will see more details, such as the participants, chat transcript and any files that were shared in the meeting.

To navigate directly to the meeting summary to find your recordings:

  1. Select 'Meetings' in the top toolbar of your account dashboard
  2. Scroll or use the search tool to find the meeting you need
  3. Click on the meeting name and the summary will display with any recordings and other meeting details